• John Uibel

Week 6- Some Thoughts in Italy

Last week my family and I embarked on a week long trip to Italy. There, we were able to visit many old and amazing cities like Rome and the Amalffi coast. We also had the opportunity to go visit the very old city of Matera, a 9000 year old city which is known to be the third oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It was so interesting exploring the streets there and talking to the villagers and shop owners, most of which made a living selling trinkets to the many visitors. I wondered how they could make a living in this city as their prices were very reasonable and everyone there was extremely nice and completely honest (we know this because every time we asked for the best gelato in town they always told us to not eat at their shop and would give us directions to the best gelato in town.). The business culture there is so different than it here.

As we wondered the streets I reflected back to some homework questions in week 4. Who am I and who do I want to become? How do I become the person I want to become? I thought about the individuals in this town and what they had seemingly accomplished. Many of them had a small business of some kind and nobody seemed overly anxious to make more money than their neighbors. Are these people living better than we are? I had to define what it means to me to live well. I think it boils down to individual goals and desires. What do we want to accomplish in our lives and how do we do so? For me, while I would love to own a quaint little shop in Italy, I feel that I have a desire to do something with my life that would serve more people and help them, but that doesn't mean I won't go back to Italy for more gelato.



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