• John Uibel

Week 3- Ethics

This week we studied about ethics within a business. What are ethics? Why do we need them? We covered all these questions as we watched a few short videos by Frank Levinson. He spoke about his time at a company where he was accused of embezzling money in order to buy a new house that was closer to work. The person that accused him was dishonest in his accusations. This begs the question of what are we willing to do within a company and what are we never willing to do? One of the assignments this week was to make a list for ourselves of things we will never do. My list includes:

I will never steal from any company I work for.

I will never use or abuse another person I work with, in any form.

I will never use a person or company to get gain in any unethical or inappropriate manner.

I will never forget to repent of any wrong doings.

I feel that these things have the harshest impact on people individually. Using someone or wrongfully accusing them of something is wrong and can greatly impact their future both physically and spiritually. I know this because it has happened to me before and I never wish that or the feelings that accompany it upon anyone else.

I think our personal experiences can help us make righteous or even wrong decisions. I also believe that if we keep Christ in our thoughts and prayers throughout the day that we will be blessed with the spirit to be able to make the right choices.

Ethics in business is really a personal choice. You can own or work for a company that has a set of rules but you can't write every single rule of personal integrity and conduct. It's up to you to decide where you draw the line and how far away from that line you want to stay. It's always easier to choose the right when you're always doing your best to do what's right.



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