• John Uibel

Week 2- Follow Your Dreams

Earlier this week we watched a short video about a man by the name of Randy Pausch. As his life was ending at an early age due to cancer, he gave a "last lecture" about his childhood and how he was able to accomplish his dreams in life. He explained that he was able to achieve so many of his dreams because he was able to push past the metaphorical brick walls that hold so many other people back. This reminds me of an old tape I found on my mission. It was a motivational speech by someone whose name I can't remember, but the quote was "A successful man is willing to do that which an unsuccessful man isn't." I think these two principles go hand-in-hand. I think living your dreams is important and dream are just that, they're dreams, and that's because they're something that is meaningful to you. I think pursuing them can unleash your talents and ingenuity. It has always been a childhood dream of mine to invent something awesome or useful. The problem is, every time I do, I'll inevitably see that exact product on TV or in a magazine or somewhere the very next day and know that someone else beat me to it! My goal is to invent something useful that others haven't beat me to and to bring it to life. It would be great to make a business out of something that I invented. I have a few ideas in mind now but I need to learn how to bring them to life through the process of manufacturing, importing, and all the small details that it takes to create a product. I think school is going to be a huge help in my understanding these things and I'm determined to do so.



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