• John Uibel

Oh Meetings, Why are you so Long?

I'd like to share a portion of my book report that I think was something that really stuck out to me as it compares to my time at my previous employer. " My time at SkyWest was well spent but one of the things I noticed from my first day was how people communicated. Was their communication detailed and clear? Yes. Was it well thought-out and informative? Yes. Was it concise? Absolutely not! I was astounded at how long it would take an individual to describe one concept or one little change that needed to be made to anything, such as a policy, procedure or even a video. It was like people there believed that the more words you can spew out of your mouth before the next person says anything, the more brilliant your idea was and the higher your ranking becomes. By the end of my time there at SkyWest I realized that in phone meetings I could just set the phone down, not even on speaker phone, and just wait until the end of the hour when I would then pick up the phone and someone would inevitably give a summary of the meeting and plan moving forward. 90% of the time I guessed the outcome and solution of the meeting before it had even started. Now, I’m not some time traveling mastermind, but it dawned on me that in the book, Mastery, it talks about telling the truth and how similar its teachings were. Dr. Will Schutz stated, “There’s nothing more energizing to a corporation than for people to start telling one another truth.” He said that once people started telling the truth, their meetings became shorter and that hour and a half long meetings turned into 20 minute meetings. As I look back at all the many meetings I had at SkyWest I wonder how many of those meetings could have been cut in half if there weren’t so many people trying impress their boss with egregious amounts of lofty sentences being rephrased from every possible angle. Every meeting left me thinking, “I literally could have said that in 45 seconds instead of an hour”. I’ve since vowed to myself to never spew words just to impress."

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