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My First Interview with Jessie Drage

This week I had the opportunity to interview an entrepreneur. Jessie Drage was the subject and I think she gave some great insight on how to stay organized. She says, “Choose something you’re truly passionate about. Get organized. Use a planner! Every successful person I’ve ever met uses a paper planner. There’s something about writing down and organizing your day that makes people successful. When I get to work every day, the first things I do is look at my planner and plan the next day. You make any adjustments if you need to and then you plan the next day. The planner can keep track of it for me. Using a planner gives you something to cross off, and you feel good about it. It’s like getting addicted to a drug. It’s a positive thing that sticks in your brain. I panic if I forget my planner.”

Jessie also made it clear that every professional she has met has used a planner to keep track of their time. She says, A planner is something I am working at using and incorporating into my daily routine.

I think Jessie Drage is a success because of all the challenges she has had to face. Running your own business and working two other part time jobs at times were very stressful on her and her husband. In total, Jessie currently runs her nonprofit with her husband while also running two side businesses doing personal training and dietetics. On top of that, she’s working full time as a real estate agent. Jessie isn’t one to back down from a challenge, even if she doesn’t want it.

Some things I learned are that work takes work. There are no shortcuts when starting or running a business. It takes a lot of time and dedication to live your passion and make your dreams a reality.

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