• John Uibel

Final Thoughts

As I’ve studied the course materials this semester, I’ve come to the realization and conclusion that living a life of entrepreneurship is one of the hardest challenges I may ever face. I’ve learned that there are many great rewards that come from a life of entrepreneurship and that those rewards do almost always come at a cost. Sometimes the cost is time, and other times it’s effort, education, perseverance, or sometimes even the humility to ask for help. Regardless of our circumstances, there are tools we can use to leverage ourselves out of the bog and into a life of success and accomplishment.

I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned this semester is the need to find a mentor. A mentor is someone you trust to help lead you and give you the help you need, usually through your mentor’s knowledge, to help you succeed. As I’ve studied the course materials this semester and in my own studies, I’ve found that many successful people that I’ve read about had at least one entrepreneurial or business mentor in their life. I’ve discussed with my wife the need for me to find a good mentor after I graduate college. Someone that can help me through the daily challenges that running a business present. Having a friend and partner in business is a great way to be held accountable for moving your efforts forward.

For me, the path to what I truly want to do isn’t quite clear yet. I have many areas of interest in my life and most of them are quite different in their industry. I hope to be able to use all my skills and talents to either run my own business or help someone run theirs. I love helping other people and creating great products that people enjoy. It’s always nice to make someone’s life a little easier, be it a product or service.

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