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But why?

Earlier this week we watched a video called Five Whys. This video explained why we sometimes get stuck in our work. When a problem arises that we can’ figure out we sometimes just give up when we should actually do more of a diagnostics test on what the problem is and why its a problem. He gives an example in the video where a company’s website wasn’t working properly. He was able to diagnose and trace the problem back to, not just the programmers but he went even deeper to discover it wasn’t a programming error but a training problem. They discovered that the employee didn’t code the website properly because he wasn’t trained properly. When they asked why he wasn’t trained properly they found out that his manager didn’t believe in training. They discovered that the real problem was the manager, not just a simple programming error. If we take this method of diagnostic thinking and apply it to every problem we encounter, we can mitigate future problems but discovering the root cause and addressing the issue until it’s no longer an issue. This method, however, can only go as deep as an employer is legally allowed to investigate a persons personal and private life. Because of this limit I think it’s important to teach good principles in so others might follow your example when not at work or wherever their problem may be occurring. In the video we watched titled “You can do anything”, we are told that we can do amazing things with our lives if we try our best and endure through problems and struggles. Sometimes it’s important to just have faith if you have nothing else to hold onto. Eventually, we will find the light and be directed towards the next doorway of our life. I’m trying to apply this to my everyday life.

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